Supporting young women in a nurturing community to flourish and thrive

For those who identify as female aged 12-16, SisterWood offers a programme where they will learn skills they can draw on to keep themselves well.

The focus is on mental wellbeing in a supportive framework and a beautiful woodland. Away from screens, passing on practices which help to connect to the full potential of the young person’s unique gifts. SisterWood is a registered charity working with young people in Devon.

Empowerment is our goal

What Makes Us Different

We Collaborate

We work in conjunction with many local organisations and individuals to enhance the strength and power of community

We Level The Playing Field

We work solely with young women and those who identify as female to redress the imbalance of provision for mental health in the outdoors

We Teach Practical Skills

We pass on practical skills that young people can take away into their daily lives to support their mental wellbeing

We Listen

We put young people at the centre of decision making, listening to what they need and working together to empower them to discover and use their unique gifts 

Why we work in this environment

The Power Of The Woods