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Sir Ken Robinson

Ted Talk

“We have to be careful now that we use this gift [of being human] wisely... and the only way we'll do that is by seeing our creative capacities for the richness they are and seeing our children for the hope that they are. Our task is to educate their whole being so that they can face this future. And by the way, we may not see this future, but they will. And our job is to help them make something of it.”

Thriving beyond surviving

Understanding mental wellbeing

The mental health of children and young people in England | Report by Public Health England

Five Ways to Wellbeing | Research by the New Economics Foundation, explained by Mind

How Connecting with Nature Effects Our Mental Health | Report by the Mental Health Foundation

Good Childhood 2020 | Report by The Children’s Society


Greta Thunberg

The Teenage Brain

“I don't really have a dream or something I want to accomplish in my life, I just want to look back when I'm older and say that I did what I could and that I am satisfied with my life”

What neuroscience tells us

About the teenage brain

The Mind Explained | The Teenage Brain, Netflix

The Adolescent Brain | Dan Siegel, Youtube

Brain Development Matters | Oxfordsparks, Youtube 

Greentime not screentime

Unpicking the world of social media

Tech experts and mental health professionals offer advice | Randi Weingarten et al, Share My Lesson

Stolen Focus part 1 | Johann Hari in interview with Oprah Winfrey, Super Soul Spotify podcast 

Stolen Focus part 2 | Johann Hari in interview with Oprah Winfrey, Super Soul Spotify podcast

Get outside!

Why play matters

Free Play and Mental Health research paper | Jonathan Heidt and Yaneev Bentov, OpenSource

The Decline in Play | Dr Peter Gray, TedX Talk

Do Schools Kill Creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson, Ted Talk