Creating opportunities for growth

Refer a young person

All referrals to the SisterWood programme are all currently to be made through professionals. This is because we’re working in conjunction with centralised systems, so it helps to keep the data of young people secure and the referral process fluid. As such, if you’re reading this as a parent/carer and have a young person eager to join us in the woods, then we recommend that you either contact Early Help; your GP to speak to a social prescriber; or your social worker if you have one and ask to make a referral through them.

The title of professional goes to anyone working with young people, which could be anything from being a social worker; social prescriber; CAMHS therapist; Early Help Officer; youth worker; educator or any other mental health professional for young people. 

To make a referral for a young person, follow these steps:

1) check that they meet the below criteria –

  • Age range 12-16
  • Identifies as female
  • Lives within a 30 minute commute from the site at Deer Leap Farm, EX6 7QS, within Teignbridge, Exeter and East Devon
  • From a family of lower socio-economic background (Low overall parental income; young person on free school meals; overcrowding in home)
  • Has limited access to forest school before
  • May have had some intervention previously but this has not been successful for them
  • Has an interest in being outdoors
  • The group to be made up of a mix of diagnoses or risks to ensure group safety
  • The group to be made up of a range of ages through 12-16

2) get in touch with us and discuss whether the young person is the right fit and that we still have space – this deters the uncomfortable situation of a young person getting their hopes up for support they cannot receive. 

3) Once we’ve discussed and confirmed with you, then you can meet with the young person and discuss the opportunity with them. If they’re interested, then with the young person and if necessary, their parent/carer, please complete the referral and risk assessment below and send back to us. There is also a leaflet below that you can print and show to the young person with some information about what to expect from the programme. 

4) Our team will then discuss and confirm, and together with you, liaise contact with their school/other educational setting to arrange the time off and transport to attend the sessions.

Please click the button below to download the referral and risk assessment. We look forward to hearing from you!